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Neeleez Workforce

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Neeleez – Workforce

Intelligent Field Force for Diverse Industries

Neeleez – Workforce is an intelligent online portal and mobile application that’s purpose-built for optimizing field force management across a broad spectrum of industries. Serving sectors such as Real Estate, Facilities Management, Construction & Engineering, HVAC & Electric Services, Telecom & Cables, Security & Surveillance, Healthcare & Medical, Retail & E-commerce delivery, Logistics & Transportation, Energy & Utilities, Maintenance & Support, Data Centers, and many more, this versatile platform is designed to cater to the specific needs of each.

At its core, Neeleez – Workforce offers real-time solutions with an array of powerful features. It includes advanced field force scheduling, integrated maps for streamlined navigation, a customer dashboard that empowers call centers, and comprehensive management tools for a detailed view of customers and their historical service data. The platform also excels in inventory management, job and project flow management, contract administration, quotation and invoicing systems, and offers real-time tracking of project and job statuses. Neeleez – Workforce is equipped to enhance operational efficiency, boost productivity, and achieve excellence in managing field forces across diverse industries.

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